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Зарплата:4000 $
Пол:не важно
Образование:нет / любое
График работы:полный рабочий день

We are an integrated energy company operating predominately in the UK and North America. We understand that energy is essential for all of us, both now and for the future. That's why we are active in each stage of the energy lifecycle: from sourcing and generating to processing and storing; from trading and supplying to servicing and, crucially, to saving energy.
Centrica’s main operations are in the UK, North America and Europe. We have a number of business types: downstream (energy retail, services and technology); midstream (commodity trading, origination and optimisation) and upstream (exploration & production, power, nuclear and wind).

We are interested in applicants in Engineering field,We advertise a vacancy and we’d like to offer you to take part in it. Due to some vacant positions in our company,we are proud to give you a chance to become a part of our young and ambitious team.

Employment Type: Full Time

Monthly Salary: £4500 and above depending on level of experience

Preferred Language of Resume/Application: English

Years of Work Experience: One year minimum

Benefits: Relocation allowance, transportation allowance, one hour of lunch break(meal) every day, six (6) weeks paid annual leave every year, fourteen (14) days of paid sick leave per calendar year. Requirements:-18 years old and older-Basic English

*Financial Analyst - Midstream Power
*Technical Design Manager
*Engineering Project Manager
*Finance Analyst - Planning
*Centrica Energy Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC) Officer
*Midstream Business Performance Manager
*Problem Analyst
*Contract Delivery Manager (CDM)
*HR Advisor - Centrica Energy Upstream in Windsor
* process / supervisor engineer (pe/se)
* mechanical engineer (me)
* pipeline engineer (ppe)
* civil and structural engineer (cse)
* electrical / supervisor engineer (ee/se)
* instrumentation and control engineer (ice)
* production/operator (p/o)
* instrument supervisor /maintenance engineer (ise/me)
* control system engineer
* certification engineer
* inspection engineer
* offshore project engineer
* safety & method engineer
* turbine & rotating (maintenance) engineer
* method & procedure engineer
* production services manager
* computer engineer
* it –project manager
* it-technician
* doctor
* pharmacist
* nurses
* accountant
* housekeeper/laundry manager
* storekeeper
* secretary
* chefs
* drivers
* translator

Постоянный адрес объявления: http://job2.odessa.ua/vacancies/76760.html

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